Monday, April 27, 2009


This is a blog for school work and my own environmental endeavors. This term (term two) we are studying sustainability, environmental sustainability, and (I think) the global-economy-type-social-studies-environment thing.
In case you were wondering, the Matai Islands are our class's (supposedly) non-existant land. We have to design ways to live on these four newly-discovered islands off the coast of Raglan (The west coast of the North Island, NZ). They are totally uninhabited and forested, with a mountain on two or three of them (I might try to upload a drawing of one of them some time). They all have either a river or a lake, and most of them have a highest vantage point, where you can see most of the island.
I hope to post a lot of interesting stuff, about all the aspects of sustainability, and a bunch of other stuff too.


MrWoody said...

Well done MrOtherBoy. Your blog is great. I look forward to seeing how you plan to sustainably develop your island. :-)