Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Plans

As you may have noticed on the post before this, there was a large clearing by the bay on the island, and that is where we plan to build our civilisation. There is a whole list of things that we need on our island, and we have a plan.
Order of things we need to do:
1) We require boats to get to the island
2) We need a dock or port for our boating needs
3) We must to establish our vegetable gardens and livestock
4) We need to get the clearing ready to be built on and get the materials.
5) We must build our Town Hall, for a meeting place and an operations centre
6) Build the housing
7) Establish all our businesses and trades, plus the classroom and recreational ground (rec ground)
8) Let our community flourish and grow
I shall soon post our building needs, and describe our all of our plans in more detail, plus provide a map of all the additions to our community. Here is a close-up of the clearing as it is now, and I shall update it every time something happens or is built:
To the right is the sea, and the stream feeding into it, at the top is the deep forest, the bottom is the light woodland, and to the left is the river. I hope to publish my plans soon, but there is only so much you can do in a day.