Thursday, April 30, 2009

Matai Islands Map

There are four (non-existent) islands in the Matai Islands, and we are pretending that we are going to inhabit one of them (Three other classes are going to have the other ones). Our island has a bay facing the North Island, and our settlement will be near the bay. I drew a picture of the island, and I will be posting the updated version every time we (supposedly) build a new bit. Here is the image (Click on it for enlargement):
It is 45 by 22 kilometres, which makes it 9902 kilometres. There is a key to go with it:
Orange: Beaches.
Light Green: Light Woodland.
Dark Green: Thick Forest.
Blue: Water.
Purple: Higher Ground e.g. a mountain or large hill.
Our island has some Uranium deposits and also limestone.
The other islands all contain different materials
One of them has Oil and Diamonds,
Another one has Natural Gas and Ironsand,
And the last one has Coal and Gold.
The other three islands contain more valuable materials, which is good because then we won't be digging up our island and ruining it's ecosystem.
We have a plan for what we need and are going to put on our island, but more about that later.


MrWoody said...

Nice work, kemosabe :-)