Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kris Wilson

The other day an architect came in to talk to us about sustainable architecture. His name was Kris, and he works for Design House Architecture ltd. (Click here to view their site). He told us about all the waste created, and the energy and resources used on a building site (See slide 2). He told us all about what a sustainable home should have (See slide 3). After that he showed us some examples of sustainable buildings (See slides 4-8), and an example that he designed on Google Sketchup (See slides 9-15). Then the last slide is about all who can be sustainable, and etc...
HEHEHE!!!! I finally learnt how to upload powerpoint presentations on to the Internet and from there on to Blogger!!!!!


Miss McConnell said...

WOW great work! You are fantastic!
I have created a chatroom for your math group so that you can go online during math time and talk to your co-investigaters about your questions and plans, you can do this from home too :)
here is the link
check it out.